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Densmore’s CFE Prep materials are designed by experts, with everything you need to pass. Our resources and courses help you practice the best strategies for tackling each day of the exam.

  • Courses provide training on case writing and both technical and soft skills
  • Daily study plans simplify the process for you
  • Practice cases mirror the true CFE experience
  • Practice cases include full marking guides, marker grids, and online walkthroughs to help you improve your case approach and writing
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Which CFE Prep course is right for me?

We’ve designed a range of CFE Prep solutions to best meet your unique needs. Choose from onsite or online, with or without marking, and more.

“It helped me go into the CFE confident, and made me way more prepared to handle any curveballs…I followed the study plan and debriefing techniques to a tee and it definitely paid dividends to my confidence and skills as a writer.”

Jakob Walsh, CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the locations of the onsite CFE Prep courses?

Toronto course

Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)

TRS1-067 (7th floor), Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON, M5G 2C3

Campus Map

Edmonton course

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Nexen Theatre, Y240, Y – 2nd floor Spartan Centre for Instrumentation Technology, 11720 103 St. NW, Edmonton, AB, T5G 0Y2

NAIT Campus Map

The closest hotels are the Chateau Louis or Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre. Please note we have listed these for information purposes only; candidates will need to do their own research to determine suitability.

Click here for more information about parking on-campus.

Vancouver course

University of British Columbia

ANGU 098, Henry Angus building, 2053 Main Mall, Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z2

UBC Campus Map (Vancouver Campus)

Candidates requiring accommodation may book online here. You will need to change the dates at the top of the page to your preferred reservation dates. Rooms may fill up quickly, so make sure you reserve early to avoid disappointment.

Halifax course

Dalhousie University

Scotiabank Auditorium, Marion McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building, 6135 University Ave, Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2

Dalhousie Campus Map

The closest hotels are the Lord Nelson or Westin Nova Scotian. Please note we have listed these for information purposes only; candidates will need to do their own research to determine suitability.

Click here for more information about parking on-campus.

Calgary course

University of Calgary

ICT-102, Information & Communications Technology building, 856 Campus Pl NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4V8

UCalgary Campus Map

The University of Calgary has a corporate rate at Aloft Hotels. Candidates requiring accommodation should review the information here. Please note we have provided this for information purposes only, candidates will need to do their own research to determine suitability.

Why should I purchase CFE Prep before the start of my time off study period?

Many resources are provided to writers who enroll before they are off from work on study leave.  For May CFE writers, we post technical review materials in mid-November. For September CFE writers, we post the technical review materials in early March. 

The technical review materials include sessions to explain how to focus your technical review on CFE case writing. We also mail out Densmore’s Scenario Flowcharts Workbook, which is the basis for your technical review of commonly tested topics.  This should be used in conjunction with the Densmore Skill Drills to improve your technical knowledge and case writing skills in each technical competency area.  For experienced writers, we also provide three CFE Day 3 practice cases to keep your case writing skills sharp.

When are the course materials available?

The technical review resources are available beginning in mid-November for students writing in May, and in early March for students writing in September. The full course materials are released in mid-March for students writing in May and late June for students writing in September.

How many hours are required to work through Densmore’s CFE Prep course?

Our CFE Prep course contains over 35 hours of work related to technical review that is available before the course begins, including sessions on technical review, and our Densmore Skill Drills and Scenario Flowcharts Workbook. The CFE Prep course contains over 90 hours of sessions, webinars and practice case materials. Please note that this does not include the Capstone 2 requirements or the use of prior CFE cases as additional practice in the study plans.

To successfully complete all of the course content, we recommend writers register early for the course (mid-November for May writers and early March for September writers), to take full advantage of the technical review resources before our CFE Prep sessions are scheduled to begin. We also recommend that writers take at least four weeks off prior to CFE, especially if they are also enrolled in Capstone 2, to ensure that they have time to work through all of the required materials.

Are the CPA Competency Map Study Notes included with my CFE Prep course?

This resource is not included with your CFE Prep registration. However, you may choose to add it on to your CFE Prep registration or purchase separately if you are looking for technical reference material. The CPA Competency Map Study Notes publication can be purchased here.

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