CFE Prep September – Experienced Writers

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With Densmore’s CFE Prep course, you’ll go into your exam with confidence. Our program guides you through the CFE process. Learn approach strategies and writing skills for all three days of the CFE, and choose from online or onsite course options.


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Densmore CFE Prep guides you through the entire CFE process. Our team invests hundreds of hours each year to understand the CFE evaluation methodology, testing trends, and marking expectations, so we can provide you with an accurate reflection of what you can expect on each day of the CFE. This course is intended for experienced writers not taking Capstone 2.

Through the use of original Densmore cases, a Scenario Flowcharts Workbook, online sessions, a detailed study plan that incorporates prior year CFE cases and more, we’ll help you prepare for CFE success and your future career.

Course Options – Onsite or Online

Register for onsite with marking (see FAQ for more details on course locations):

  • Calgary – July 16-18 (Marking upload dates July 17, July 18, August 8, August 19)
  • Edmonton – July 12-14 (Marking upload dates July 13, July 14, August 8, August 19)
  • Halifax – July 16-18 (Marking upload dates July 17, July 18, August 8, August 19)
  • Toronto – July 12-14 (Marking upload dates July 13, July 14, August 8, August 19)
  • Vancouver – July 16-18 (Marking upload dates July 17, July 18, August 8, August 19)

Register for online:

  • With marking
  • No marking

The upload dates for online with marking are spread out over several weeks to help you balance the workload (July 13, July 14, July 27 and August 3). If you are taking Capstone 2 and looking for marking, consider registering for our first-time writers course (CFE Prep I or CFE Prep II). Not sure which CFE course is right for you? Compare our courses.

Day 2 Role

As you know, on Day 2 of the CFE, you will respond to the CFE Day 2 case by assuming one of four pre-selected roles: Assurance, Finance, Performance Management or Taxation.

CFE Day 1 Case

The following Capstone 1 cases will be offered for the September 2024 CFE:

  • Amuzu Parks (version 1) – from the May 2024 Capstone 1 module
  • J.R. Pets Inc. (version 2) – from the May 2023 Capstone 1 module

Candidates who were previously unsuccessful on the CFE and candidates who are challenging the CFE, such as international candidates, can choose from either of the available cases offered for that sitting.


Payment is due in full at time of registration. Please see our refund policy for more details.

Densmore CFE Prep for Experienced Writers includes:

  • Technical review materials, available beginning in March
  • Scenario Flowcharts Workbook for commonly tested topics
  • Densmore Skill Drills to use as part of your technical review
  • CFE Prep online sessions beginning in early July
  • Ask the CFE Expert Webinars
  • Online depth session specific to your Day 2 role case
  • Two original Densmore Day 1 cases (based on your Capstone 1 case)
  • Two original Densmore CFE Day 2 cases
  • Nine original Densmore CFE Day 3 cases
  • Marking for one CFE Day 2 case and three CFE Day 3 cases with feedback from experienced CPAs
  • Detailed weekly study plans for the two months leading up to the CFE, plus an online session that explains how to get started
  • Access to our candidates’ forum to get answers from Densmore instructors
  • Regular “CFE Success Tips” emails from our team to help keep you on track