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Densmore is proud to support businesses and firms with exam preparation for your next generation of CPAs and CPD tools for your experienced employees.

Empower your employees

For over 25 years, Densmore has developed learning materials to help CPA professionals grow and thrive. Our WholeCareer™ approach will help you develop new talent and retain experienced team members.

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Foster core competency growth

Enable your newest team members with our CPA Competency Map Study Notes as they begin their CPA journey and apply their knowledge at work.

Give the EDGE on the Core and Elective Modules

Help your future CPAs pass the Core and Elective module final exams with our EDGE courses.

Facilitate success on the CFE

Help your future CPAs pass the CFE with confidence by providing them with a comprehensive CFE Prep program.

Engage with lifelong learning

Keep experienced CPAs engaged with opportunities for personal and professional development that meet their CPD requirements and more.

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Partner with Canada’s leader in CPA and CFE training

Connect with Densmore to learn how you can provide the tools your team needs for CPA success. Our experts will help you identify the best solution for your business.

“SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY! The staff are knowledgeable, keep up to date on CPA technical knowledge and requirements, respond quickly to questions, and provide invaluable advice and feedback on assignments. They will encourage you and keep you on track.”

Clare Kelly, CPA Nova Scotia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my CPA students individually online?

No, we are happy to process bulk orders and invoice you directly. Please email with the products you would like to purchase and a list that includes student name, email address, and shipping address. For CFE Prep registrations, also include their CFE Day 2 role, their Capstone 1 case choice, and whether they are a first-time or experienced writer. For PEP registrations, include the Core/Elective module.

Do I have to register my employees for continuing professional development (CPD) individually online?

No, we are happy to process bulk orders and invoice you directly. Please email with the products you would like to purchase and a list that includes employee name, address, and email address.

How much time off is ideal for students who are writing the CFE?

For first-time writers taking Capstone 2, the module schedule is rigorous. Typically, candidates write one CFE Day 1 or Day 2 case and a CFE Day 3 case each week. Therefore, we recommend students take anywhere from four weeks to the full length of Capstone 2 off prior to the CFE. This will allow them time for writing, marking, and debriefing additional cases and completing technical review.  

For experienced writers and first-time writers who are not taking Capstone 2, we recommend at least four weeks off prior to the CFE if they are re-writing days 2 and 3 of the CFE or all 3 days. If they are only re-writing day 1 of the CFE, we recommend taking one to two weeks off prior to the exam.

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