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Timely breaks, hard work and a little guidance

Jakob’s colleagues recommended Densmore’s CFE Prep course. Although he also had work obligations and Capstone 2, he found the right balance to achieve success.

“It helped me go into the CFE confident, and made me way more prepared to handle any curveballs and the expectations of the markers much more than it could have otherwise…I followed the study plan and debriefing techniques to a tee and it definitely paid dividends to my confidence and skills as a writer.”

Beyond sharpening his technical skills, Jakob also learned some unexpected tips for CFE success from his Densmore instructors. “I didn’t realize throughout my study period how important it was to take breaks until the CFE, but it is so unbelievably important, and I credit timely breaks, hard work and your guidance to my success!”

Jakob Walsh, CPA
Newfoundland and Labrador

“The Densmore program provided valuable insight on how to effectively study and prepare for the CFE. The case planning process taught by Densmore was one of the main reasons I succeeded on the CFE. The program provided numerous helpful resources for CFE prep which also contributed to my success.”

Brittany Harnum: Grant Thornton, 2022 Atlantic Canada Regional Gold Medalist

Densmore’s systematic approach

Rushil found success on the CFE, achieving a spot on the September 2023 CFE Honour Roll by following Densmore’s systematic approach to case writing.

“Throughout my graduate diploma and CFE summer, the Densmore methodology seamlessly integrated into my study routine. This systematic approach not only enriched my preparation for the CFE but also nurtured vital skills for my professional journey. The abundance of resources provided by the program further fortified my path to success. Moreover, the invaluable practice of debriefing cases enhanced my understanding and application of key concepts, significantly boosting my exam readiness and overall competency in real-world scenarios.”

Rushil Asudani
September 2023 CFE Honour Roll Member
Clare Kelly, CPA
British Columbia

Staying on track with Densmore

When Clare decided to pursue the CPA program, her colleagues, as well as the partner at her firm recommended Densmore as a supplementary resource for the CPA PEP modules. She found the expertise she needed to help her stay on track and achieve her designation.

“The staff are knowledgeable, keep up to date on CPA technical knowledge and requirements, respond quickly to questions, and provide invaluable advice and feedback on assignments. If you are someone who learns through practice, and not just theory, you will benefit most from the extra case studies and the feedback, especially for Day 1 where the CPA program only provides limited practice opportunities. They will encourage you and keep you on track.”

Confidence to tackle the unknown

Ashley chose to trust Densmore and invest in success for her CFE preparation through conversations with other successful candidates. She valued the study plan and candidate support that Densmore offers its writers.

“The confidence I had going into this marathon wouldn’t have been possible without Densmore’s course. I was able to breathe and tackle the unknown because I had a solid game plan suggested by Densmore. Whether I passed or not, I feel like I was able to give it my best shot and can feel proud of that because of everything provided by the CFE Prep course and Densmore’s extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. Densmore is essential as it clearly explains how the CFE is marked, how to effectively debrief and track my results, and to not always assume my weaknesses are technical. Don’t hesitate – buy this course and follow the plan. It is worth every cent!”

Ashley Armour, CPA

PEP Success

Densmore’s PEP courses give CPA students the EDGE to succeed in their CPA PEP modules, so they can move on to the Capstone modules and the CFE.

“I used the Densmore materials as a top-up resource. If there was something I could not figure out by working through the CPA PEP resources, I would turn to Densmore. The last couple of weeks before the exam, I utilized Densmore a lot in preparation for the Core 2 and Assurance Elective exams. The additional practice cases were by far the most helpful thing and were pretty dead on to the exam. The material was very easy to navigate.”

Jason Saunders, CPA, Vancouver, BC

“I was looking for additional support and resources that would help me throughout the CPA PEP program. I found Densmore and it was the best decision ever! The Densmore materials helped me improve my writing skills. The tutorial videos are very easy to follow. I’ve learned so many tips which helped me improve my writing skills, gain the confidence that I need and be exam-ready. Go for it! Getting Densmore is an investment in yourself and in your future.”

Katrina Slovak, CPA (Philippines/PH), CIA

Post-secondary institutions

Post-secondary institutions understand the importance of building a strong foundation and trust Densmore to help their students be successful and thrive.

David J. McConomy, MBA, CPA, CA Smith School of Business at Queen’s University Assistant Professor and Director, Graduate Diploma in Accounting Program

Enhancing quality education

David J. McConomy, MBA, CPA, CA brings Densmore resources into the Graduate Diploma in Accounting program at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

“The video walkthroughs have been particularly helpful in that students are able to refer back to the specifics of the material on their own time. The wide-ranging nature of the cases also indicates that the students must be prepared for any type of subject matter.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson learned by the students in the Densmore Workshop Sessions is that the CFE is a very specific type of assessment and one must learn the necessity of good time management skills and understanding the approach to use in attacking the cases.

One major advantage that Densmore brings to the table is their familiarity with what is happening in CPA education across the country and the trends that they see. I would tell any colleague considering using the resources of Densmore that they will enhance any course that is being offered.”

“Students find the materials are excellent resources for studying and debriefing their case responses. The staff are very professional and respond promptly to our requests! I highly recommend the Densmore material.”

Joanne C Jones, PhD, FCPA, FCA, York University Associate Professor and Coordinator

Fostering an in-depth level of knowledge

Stacey Hann, CPA, CA has found a high-quality addition to the DAN Management and Organizational Studies program at Western University with Densmore.

“The quality of service provided by professionals at Densmore is exceptional.  They respond to requests on a timely basis and are flexible in meeting our unique needs. Students in our program are able to develop an in-depth level of knowledge in all CPA-required technical competencies through case-based application using Densmore-authored cases. The cases and detailed marking grids provided are reflective of what students will see as they continue on their journey to the CFE after completing their graduate studies with us.”

Stacey Hann, CPA, CA
DAN Management and Organizational Studies at Western University
Director, Graduate Diploma in Accounting

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