MOU Candidates

Build the skills you need for writing the CFE

Refine your Canadian technical knowledge and build essential case writing skills to get you ready for the CFE

Build your skills for CFE success

Densmore’s MOU Bridge to CFE Prep resources are designed to help you learn the essential Canadian technical knowledge and case writing skills you need in advance of taking the Densmore CFE Prep course and writing the CFE. The course includes:

  • CPA Competency Map Study Notes technical resource
  • Study plan
  • Sessions on case writing, debriefing, and writing the CFE
  • 10 Core and Elective practice cases to build case writing skills

Why do I need the MOU Bridge to CFE Prep course?

The CFE is unlike any CA exam you have written before.  It can be incredibly challenging to pass the CFE under a MOU agreement because international students often don’t have the foundation in case writing or sufficient Canadian technical knowledge in topics such as ASPE, Canadian tax and Canadian Auditing Standards. Our MOU Bridge to CFE Prep course helps to bridge that gap before you start our CFE Prep course to put you on a level playing field with other candidates.

Writing the CFE under an MOU

If you are an international student considering writing the CFE under an MOU, we encourage you to review the relevant guidance from CPA Canada for your international accounting body to understand your next steps. Even if you are exempted from the PEP Capstone 2 Module, we do recommend you also enroll in that module for the additional marking opportunities and Day 1 resources.

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