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Densmore’s Elective module resources help you progress along your career path and hone your skill set in Assurance, Finance, Performance Management or Taxation.

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We built our EDGE courses based on the PEP Elective module exam blueprints. They’re designed to supplement your CPA PEP modules, so you can master your case writing skills and move on to the next stage of your CPA journey.

  • Learn how to critically read the case, plan your response, manage your time, and debrief to learn
  • Understand how to improve your case writing approach with video walkthroughs
  • Access relevant multiple choice questions that mirror the module’s final exam
  • Select the right resource for you — the full EDGE course or a practice exam if you are tight on time
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You must complete two of the four CPA Canada PEP Elective modules:  Assurance, Finance, Performance Management and Taxation.  The Elective final exams are 4 hours with 15 objective format questions and two cases.  The cases will total 200 minutes, and will range from 80 minutes to 120 minutes.  Cases will assess a minimum of 50% of the Elective competencies, but will integrate one or two other competency areas.

The objective format questions will focus on the competencies where there is an increase in expectation (e.g., Level B to Level A). 

  • Assurance Elective – 50-70% Assurance, 20-40% Financial Reporting, 0-20% Strategy and Governance, 0-10% Finance
  • Finance Elective – 100% Finance
  • Performance Management Elective – 40-60% Management Accounting, 30-50% Strategy and Governance, 0-10% Financial Reporting, 0-10% Audit and Assurance
  • Taxation Elective – 100% Taxation

“I was looking for additional support and resources that would help me throughout the CPA PEP program. I found Densmore and it was the best decision ever! The Densmore materials helped me improve my writing skills. The tutorial videos are very easy to follow. I’ve learned so many tips which helped me improve my writing skills, gain the confidence that I need and be exam-ready. Go for it! Getting Densmore is an investment in yourself and in your future.”

Katrina Slovak, CPA (Philippines/PH), CIA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPA Canada PEP Elective Modules should I choose?

If you may be interested in obtaining your Public Accounting Licence in the future, you are required to complete the Taxation and Assurance elective modules. If this does not apply to you, you should consider your work experience, interests, and comfort level with each elective area based on your past educational experience to determine which electives would be most suitable for you.

CPA Canada has posted sample cases for each of the Electives here.  You can also read through the sample cases and evaluation guides (solutions) for each module to help inform your decision.

Can I work through the Densmore EDGE course at the same time that I am in the CPA Canada PEP Module?

You can use the Densmore EDGE course as a supplement to the CPA PEP module work, or you can choose to use the EDGE course before starting the CPA PEP module to get your technical and case writing skills up to speed.

How long will I have access to Densmore’s PEP Module resources?

By default, access to the Densmore EDGE courses expires one year from the date of purchase. However, if you are still enrolled in the CPA Program, you can email us at info@densmorecpa.com to request an extension to your EDGE course at no charge. The stand-alone Densmore PEP Practice Exams expire on the date of the next CPA PEP Module exam, as they are intended for practice prior to writing the exam. Please see our full refund / extension policy here.

Can I request a preview of the EDGE course(s)?

If you would like to see how the course materials are presented, please email info@densmorecpa.com to gain access to our test course for a 48-hour trial period. This course provides limited access to some of our case materials and MCQs so you can see how the materials are presented to determine if the EDGE course will suit your needs before purchasing.

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