CPA PEP Taxation Elective


Hone your skill set in your selected module with Densmore’s Taxation Elective resources, which will supplement your Taxation Elective CPA PEP Module materials.

Choose from the full EDGE course or just a practice exam if your time is tight.

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The Densmore Taxation Elective EDGE course is based on the CPA exam blueprint and is designed to complement your PEP Elective module. Our course will help you refine and sharpen your Taxation Elective competencies while preparing you for the case-based and objective format portions of your exam.

Our course will help you learn the skills you need for success, including how to:

  • Read the case and plan your response
  • Manage your time and debrief
  • Improve your case writing approach
  • Address multiple choice questions effectively

Through the use of Densmore cases, instructor-led video walkthroughs, a bank of multiple choice questions, and a practice exam, you’ll gain an EDGE on the Taxation Elective module.

If time is tight, the Densmore Taxation Elective practice exam has been developed based on the CPA Taxation Elective blueprint to provide you with a simulated experience that is true to the exam expectations.

The Densmore Taxation Elective EDGE course includes:

  • Six Densmore cases with full marking guides (solutions) and marker grids
  • Instructor-led walkthrough videos for each case to help you refine your case approach and writing skills
  • Data bank of multiple choice questions, covering each competency in the Taxation Elective
  • Online case writing approach session
  • Online debriefing session
  • Online exam strategy session
  • Access to our candidates’ forum to get answers from Densmore instructors
  • Realistic 4-hour Taxation Elective practice exam containing two cases with full marking guides, marker grids, instructor-led walkthrough videos, and multiple choice questions

For those tight on time, the Taxation Elective practice exam can be purchased separately.