(Posted November 2022)

We hear from candidates each year about what they should do to prepare for the CFE if they don’t have time off from work in the weeks leading up to the CFE. If you are a first-time writer who must take the Capstone 2 module, you really won’t have much time to do more than the Capstone 2 requirements while you’re working. If this situation applies to you, we recommend that you try to work on your technical review and case writing prior to the start of the Capstone 2 module, and that likely means that you should start before the Capstone 1 module since there is not a lot of time between the end of that module and the start of Capstone 2. Sorry, that was a lot so think of it like this. There are some things you must do:

• Get a base level of technical review before you get swamped at Capstone 2

• Understand how the CFE tests and evaluates your responses, so you know where to aim and you don’t waste cases during Capstone 2

• Have a solid plan on how to use the time efficiently balancing between work and study

So, for these reasons, we have developed an Early Access CFE Prep course. We recognize many students, particularly those in industry, don’t have a lot of time off ahead of the CFE. This contrasts to the accounting firms, where students often have several weeks off full-time to prepare. The same CFE Prep course is not likely appropriate based on these circumstances. Our Early Access course gives the same training content, but much earlier in the process, ahead of Capstone 1 and 2. It is meant to provide a plan that is paced appropriately, teaches the skills in advance of the process, and help you to make the most of all of the resources available.

If you are a May or September CFE writer without a lot of time off to prepare, we would recommend you consider our May and September Early Access CFE Prep courses, which will be posted for sale in early fall. For more information on which CFE Prep course is right for you, review our course comparison tool.