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ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering


ChatGPT is a dynamic tool for engaging in text-based conversations, answering questions, generating content, and assisting in various tasks. Learn about the origins, capabilities, ethical considerations, and potential impact of ChatGPT on the accounting profession.


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This course seeks to offer an in-depth understanding of ChatGPT and prompt engineering, and their transformative implications for the accounting field. Through an examination of real-world applications, this course investigates how ChatGPT can automate and refine tasks such as client communication, report generation, and FAQ responses. You will acquire knowledge of the advantages, like enhanced efficiency and workload reduction, as well as the associated risks and ethical dimensions of ChatGPT. Upon completion, you will be adept at assessing the merits and pitfalls of integrating ChatGPT into your accounting operations.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Generative AI technology like ChatGPT works
  • Explore ways to apply ChatGPT in accounting tasks
  • Evaluate risks of relying on ChatGPT and other AI technologies