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ASNPO – Routine Transactions


Learn about the accounting treatment for the following routine transactions for not-for-profit organizations: the restricted fund method, the deferral method, contributions, contributed materials and services, tangible capital assets, and collections.


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In Canada, there are unique accounting rules for not-for-profit organizations (NPOs).  This course will help you understand the accounting treatment of routine transactions for NPOs under Part III of the CPA Canada Handbook (ASNPO):

  • Contributions
  • Contributed materials and services
  • Tangible capital assets
  • Collections

By the end of this course, you will understand how to account for:

  • Contributions under the deferral method
  • Contributions under the restricted fund method
  • Contributions receivable
  • Contributed materials and services
  • Tangible capital assets held by NPOs
  • Collections