(Posted June 2023)

The CFE is now complete.  If you just wrote this three-day marathon, you are likely wondering what to do with yourself now that you aren’t spending each day studying!  This process of disengaging yourself from all things CFE will be easier for some of you and tougher for others. You might also be feeling anxious or nervous about your results. The reality is that you have more than three long months to wait until results are released.  Here are some tips to help you move on now that you have written the CFE:


You just spent many weeks studying technical, writing cases, and hopefully not neglecting the other things in your life. But even if you did, now is the time to get back into enjoying life. Enjoy the summer, spend time with friends and family, catch up on your rest, and revisit your favourite hobbies. 

Let it Go

Some writers just can’t stop dwelling on whether they will pass or not.  It will be a very long three months to wait if you can’t let the exam go and put aside those anxieties and worries.  One of my favourite sayings, which got me through my own anxieties over passing the CFE, is paraphrased as “Today has enough worries of its own, don’t worry about tomorrow.” 

There is absolutely nothing you can do about your results anymore, so let it go.  Stressing about your results will not change them.  Recognize that it is done, and you have other important things in your life right now that need your attention. Have a positive attitude – your mental health will be much better for it!

Avoid Thinking About Results

We hear from some writers after every CFE who have convinced themselves they failed the exam they just wrote and want to start studying for their next attempt right away.  Even if they are correct (which is not having a positive attitude – see above), beginning to study for another attempt now is self-defeating. That will cause burn out and fatigue, which will create the same end result on your next attempt.

Regardless of what actually happens come results day, all CFE writers need a break right now. Put away your study materials and avoid thinking about all things CFE until results are released. Focus on getting yourself healthy, rested, and enjoy life!

Remind Yourself of Your Purpose

Some writers experience post-exam syndrome, which can cause anxiety or depression after a high-stakes exam like the CFE. This is often due to feeling overwhelmed by a lack of purpose.  You just spent weeks, if not months, preparing for what was likely the biggest exam of your life, and now you don’t know what to do with all that spare time you have!  This can manifest itself as guilt over not studying, a drive to be constantly productive, or a feeling of emptiness.

Passing the CFE is one step along your journey. Remind yourself of the other goals you have in your life, whether they relate to your career, your personal life, or your health.

Results day will come soon enough. For now, try to avoid worry, anxiety, and stress over what you cannot control and focus on what you can!