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Prioritization – Working Smarter Not Harder


You can easily manage your time to the minute, but if you don’t optimize the return on your focus, you can’t optimize your output.  This course explores why and how to manage the return on your focus through prioritization.


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It is commonly misunderstood that prioritization is the process of listing tasks in order of their approaching deadline; however, there is more to this skill and which when properly applied, contributes to improved productivity and reduced stress in the workplace. In this course, you will navigate away from your assumptions about prioritization and begin to explore what is involved in effective prioritizing. You will learn about the common barriers and how to overcome them, and you will be introduced to tools for effective prioritization so you can begin managing your tasks and decisions today.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the key factors used in determining what tasks are a priority
  • Recognize your barriers to prioritization
  • Overcome those barriers using strategies
  • Systemize your approach to prioritization using tools